What is Shilajit?
  • Shilajit (pronounced “shee-lah-jeet”)  is known by different names in different cultures and areas, including silajit, mumie, mumijo, and momia. Shilajit and Moomiyo are the most commonly used ones describing the same substance. It is a pale brown to blackish-brown resin, with a characteristic strong odor and taste. Its consistency varies, but is most commonly thick, resinous and almost tar-like, particularly when it has been processed for human use. It is a naturally-formed organic-mineral complex, compounded of many biologically active substances.
  • In many traditional holistic systems, in particular Ayurveda, as well as conventional Eastern European medicine, Shilajit is considered to be a supreme healing substance. Traditionally it was used not only to heal multiple conditions and improve overall health, but also used in combination with other herbal formulations, to increase their efficacy.
  • Shilajit is in high demand, its potent healthful properties well established through thousands of years’ use by traditional practitioners. Today, most products sold on the US market as “Shilajit” (most in powder form) are actually imitations of authentic Shilajit. One clue to authenticity is a product’s form. Though many “Shilajit” products now available are in powder form, true Shilajit is always a resinous substance – never a powder. Aside from powders, imitation Shilajit is also sold in the form of pills and tinctures. For a greater understanding of the differences between authentic and imitation Shilajit products, please see our “Authenticity and Safety” page.
  • Shilajit’s many beneficial properties have been known to humanity for centuries. Traditionally, practitioners used Shilajit to address and prevent many different ailments, as well as to tone and strengthen the body. Today, modern science has extensively researched Shilajit, confirming and validating much of the knowledge of the properties holistic practitioners have known and used from antiquity. Shilajit’s well-established health benefits extend over a wide range, from its potent antioxidant properties, to its use as a powerful aid to tissue regeneration. We invite you to review our Health Benefits and Science sections to learn even more about the Shilajit’s many remarkable benefits.
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